Mathematical Spelman Doctorates

Spelman College has graduated over 1050 math majors since 1925, most of them since 1970. They are listed at the companion webpage Spelman Mathematical Graduates.

Over 120 of those women are known to have gone on to earn doctorates, starting in 1972, and these are highlighted below.

At least 375 other math grads have earned masters degrees including 83 MBAs. Futhermore, there are numerous math majors who have qualified as MDs (17: Deborah Prothrow-Stith, Andrea Williams-Kingslow, Renita Clark, Chandra Armstrong, Yvette Appiah, Inger Reese, Felicia Rhaney, Jonnae Atkinson, Chalanda Jones, Maiya Clark, Maya Carter, Tracy Thomas, Ninita Brown, Jamil Harp, Melanie Moore, Dorie Saxon, Adrianna Jackson), DDS (4: Allena Kennerly, Angela Wright, Crystal Curtis, Paige Patterson), or JDs (16: Nadelyn Fox, Gena Ashe, Charmiane Claxton, Sidonie Jeffers, Renée Hutchins, Sherri Nabors, Valarie Bomar, Shani Mitchell, Andrea Evans, Aleacia Chinkhota, Jeanne Johnson, Folashade Shomade, Maureen Wood, Geré Cole, LaKesha Moore, Terri Rene Simmons). These will be documented elsewhere, down the road.

The upshot is that about 50% of our majors (who graduated between 1927 and 2019) have successfully pursued advanced degrees.

In time, it would be nice to ensure that none of the mathematical ones are "hidden figures" in the international database of mathematical doctorates: they should all be properly represented at the Mathematics Genealogy Project (see this AMS Notices article from 2017). Likewise, the relevant Spelman women should be fully visible on Wikipedia.

Other grads have received doctorates in philosophy, computer science, bioengineering, biophysics, neuroscience, anatomy, pathology, or physiology.

The odd non-math major Spelman grad has seen the light and switched to math or math related fields for a career! Hazel Dean, deputy director of the CDC, is a case in point (and she credits Spelman statistician Nagambal Shah for steering her towards biostats).

Spelman women have earned doctorates in mathematical sciences from some of the top schools in the USA, such as, Rutgers, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Columbia, Duke, NC State, Emory, GA State Univ, Gatech, and Univ GA. Some of these accomplishments are documented briefly in "A Century of Mathematical Excellence at Spelman College" which was a talk given at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in January 2017. See last links at the bottom here for slides and YouTube video of Jul 2020 presentation on the history of mathematics at Spelman College going back the 1920s, hosted by PRiME summer program at Pomona College run by Edray Goins.

The careers these women have pursued include academia, research, industry, finance, government, entrepreneurship and more.

A few notable woman who have long taught at Spelman earned their primary degrees in mathematics elsewhere, for various reasons, but we believe they too deserve a place here alongside some of the people they taught and inspired over many genenations. They did the research for their doctorates while teaching--and teaching heavy course loads--at Spelman.

The information represented here was gathered over an extensive period with the help of many people, including Nagambal Shah, Sylvia Bozeman, Fred Bowers, Andrea Lawrence, Teresa Edwards, Yewande Olubummo, Jeffrey Ehme, Monica Stephens, Viveka Brown and others.

    Georgia Alberta Lee Caldwell [1909-1961] (later Caldwell Smith). BA Univ KS 1928, MA Univ KS 1929, PhD (pure math) Univ Pittsburgh 1961 ("Some Results of the Anticenter of a Group" under Norman Levine). Geogia Caldwell Smith was professor of math at Spelman (and the only faculty member in the department) for most of her career: 1929-1938 & 1945-1961. She taught at Lincoln Univ (MO) 1941-1943 and at AL State Univ 1943-1945. Furthermore, she taught at Atlanta Univ.

    Wikipedia / BWM / SM1934 / SM1961A / SM1961B / SM1961C

  1. Madelyn Cornelia Gray C'36 [1915-1984]
  2. (later Golightly). MA Atlanta University 1938 ("Metric Applications of Certain Projective Theorems"), MSc (ed) Atlanta University 1962 ("Difference in Attitudinal and Other Psychological Traits Manifested by Selected High School Girls in Relation to Career Choices Involving Science and Mathematics"), PhD (math ed) GA State Univ 1976 ("Construction of a Culture-Fair Primary Grade Geometry Test-Kindergarten to Grade Three"). Career at Atlanta Univ Laboratory High School, South Fulton High School, and Atlanta Univ.

    Web1 / Web2 / MA student / SM1976

  3. Henrene Theresa Ellington C'49 [1930-2018]
  4. (later Smoot). MS (algebra) Courant Inst 1950?, MS (analysis) Univ AL (Huntsville), DSc Southestern Inst Tech. Career at AH Parker HS (Birmingham, AL), Alcorn State Univ (MS), AL State Univ, Univ AL , Oakwood College, and three decades at AL A&M Univ (Normal).

    Whereas / FindAGrave / SM1979

    Etta Zuber [1933-2002] (later Falconer). BA Fisk Univ 1953, MSc Univ WI (Madison) 1954, PhD (pure math) Emory Univ 1969 ("Quasigroup Invariant Under Isotopy" under Trevor Evans). Etta Falconer taught at Spelman 1965-2002, serving as dept chair, division chair, and interim provost.

    Wikipedia / MacTutor / BWM / ASC / Spelman Falconer Lecture Series / AWM-MAA Falconer Lectures

  5. Joan Ealey C'54
  6. (later Jones, then Dell'orto, then Sawyer). MA Atlanta University 1969, PhD (CIS) GA State Univ 1988 ("A Construction and Validation of a Model for the On Line Systems Measurement Plan"). Academic career in CS at Morris Brown, Clark Atlanta Univ and Atlanta Technical College.

    FB / Degrees / Paper

  7. Rita Louise Dixon C'56
  8. (later Holt). MS Atlanta Univ 1962 ("Geometry's Unique Evolution"), EdD (ed) Harvard Univ 1972 ("Staff Training and Community Involvement"). First doctorate in ed by a Spelman grad. MDiv Harvard Univ 1978. Career at first in teaching, at Archer HS (Atlanta), Hampton, and DC Public Schools. Later career with the Presbyterian Church.

    SM1962 / SM1972 / SM1978 / Award

  9. Gladys Thomas C'58
  10. (later Glass). MSc Atlanta Univ 1959 ("Some Problems in the Theory of Groups" under Lonnie Cross, later Abdulalim Shabazz), PhD (math ed) GA State Univ 1982 ("Suggested Mathematics Enrichment Topics for High School Seniors" under Hyram Johnson). Second Spelman grad to later get doctorate in math related field. Third math ed doctorate by a Spelman grad. Gladys Glass taught at Spelman 1959-2009.

  11. Jacquelyn Shivers C'60
  12. (later Daniel). MS Atlanta Univ 1967 ("Research on Semi-Groups"). Doctorate (details unknown). Career in teaching and administration at APS.

    Endoresment / Sisters

  13. Melvis Theodora Evans C'61
  14. (later Atkinson). MSc Atlanta Univ 1963 ("Elementary Concepts of Tensor Analysis with their Parallels in Vector Analysis and Applications in Differential Geometry"), EdD (math ed) 1979. Melvis Atkinson's academic career was spent at Morris Brown (where she served as dept chair) and Kennesaw State Univ.


  15. Vivien Ann Shivers C'62 [1940-2017]
  16. (later Stocks). MS Atlanta Univ 1966 ("Research on Waring's and Related Problems"). Doctorate (details unknown). Career in teaching and administration at APS.

    Obit / Endoresment / Sisters / SM1972

  17. Josephine Dunbar C'64
  18. (later Davis). MSc Univ Notre Dame 1970. EdD (math ed) Rutgers Univ 1973 ("Functions of a Real Variable: Part of a Mathematics Curriculum for Capable but Poorly Prepared College Freshman"). Josephine Davis' career has been spent at Albany State Univ, Fort Valley State Univ, York College (CUNY), Saint Cloud State Univ, and again at Fort Valley State Univ. Served in numerous leadership roles, including President of York College.

    FVSU / YT / Link / SM1973

  19. Ernestine Dearing C'68
  20. (later Hogan). MSc (math ed) GA State Univ 1974. EdD (ed) Clark Atlanta Univ 2003 ("A Qualitative Study on Successful Urban Students Perceptions of Their Learning Environment, Teachers’ Attitudes, and Classroom Instruction : The Impact These Perceptions Have on Academic Performance" under Melanie Carter). Career at Atlanta Public Schools, teaching for 3 decades at Smith HS and Southside HS, and then served as the mathematics facilitator and administrator for the school system for the Science and Mathematics Enrichment Academy.

    LinkedIn / ED3 / Book

    Sylvia D. Trimble (later Bozeman.) BSc AL A&M 1968, MSc Vanderbilt Univ 1969, PhD (pure math) Emory Univ 1980 ("Representations of Generalized Inverses of Fredholm Operators" under Luis Kramarz). Sylvia Bozeman taught at Spelman 1974-2013, serving as dept chair and directing CSAM (Center for Scientific Applications of Mathematics). Co-founded the Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) program. AMS Fellow.

    Wikipedia / BWM / 2007 Falconer Award Recipient / 2008 AAAS Mentor Award / 2012 James R. C. Leitzel Lecturer / Spotlight / Tribute / EDGE Gift

    Andrea Williams (later Lawrence). BSc Purdue Univ 1970 (having been a math major at Spelman 1964-1967), MSc (CS) Atlanta Univ 1985, PhD (CS) Gatech 1993. Andrea Lawrence taught at Cincinnati Public Schools, then (since 1985) at Spelman (math & CS). She stayed with CS after it split off from the math dept in 1992, in due course serving as its chair for many years.

    Wikipedia / Spelman / SM1967 / History Makers

  21. Doris G. Creecy C'71
  22. (later Waters). Doctorate (details unknown). Career South Atlanta High School.

  23. Lynda Cozette Brower C'72
  24. (later Brower-Isabel). Class valedictorian. MS (stats) Stanford 1975. PhD (math ed) Stanford 1978 ("The Use of Academic and Non-Academic Variables in Predicting Grade Point Average Profiles of Black Students" under Rosedith Sitgreaves). Most of career at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and then at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC.

    FB / SM1977

  25. Roselyn Elaine Williams C'72
  26. MSc FL State Univ 1974, PhD (pure math) FL State Univ 1988 ("Finite Dimensional Hopf Algebras" under Warren Nichols). Earliest Spelman grad to later get doctorate in pure math. Academic career at FL A&M, served as dept chair.

    BWM / History / 2012 Falconer Award Recipient

  27. Deborah J. Wilson C'75
  28. (later Hasan Najee-ullah) MSc (math ed) VA State Univ 1976, PhD (math ed) GA State Univ 1989 ("Teacher Attributions and Other Beliefs Exhibited While Solving Mathematical Problems" under Lynn Hart & K Schultz?). Career at GA State Univ.

    LinkedIn / FB / Book

  29. Denise Michelle Stephenson C'76
  30. (later Graves and then Stephenson-Hawk). MSc George Washington Univ 197x, PhD (applied math) Princeton 1986 (Mathematical Modelling of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences). First Spelman grad to later get doctorate in fluid dynamics. Career at AT&T Bell Labs, CAU, Spelman, NCAR. Served as provost of Spelman.


  31. Teresa Dawn Edwards C'76
  32. MSc GA Tech 1979, PhD (operations research) GA Tech 1990 ("A Box Method for Minimizing Strictly Convex Quadratic Functions over Convex Sets" under Fiaz Al-Khayyal). First Spelman grad to later get doctorate in operations research Career at Spelman (1986-2003), Bennett College and Georgia Gwinnett College; served as dept chair at each of these.

    LinkedIn / BWM / MAA

  33. Daphne Letitia Smith C'80
  34. Independent study with Sylvia Bozeman (numerical analysis). PhD (stats) MIT 1985 ("Vapnik-Červonenkis Classes and the Supremum Distribution of a Gaussian Process" under Richard Dudley). First Spelman grad to do doctorate right after BS, and first to get one in stats. Academic career at first at Univ GA (Athens) and GA State Univ, then in industry at Wellpoint, CVS, Alere Health. Now a data scientist at Cigna.

    LinkedIn / SM2020

  35. Angela D. Benson C'81 & GA Tech (DDEP-IE) 1982
  36. MSc (OR) GA Tech 1982, MA (human resources dev) GA State Univ 1997, PhD (ed tech) GA Tech 2001. Career first in industry (AT&T Bell Labs, Bellsouth) then in academia at the Univ AL (instructional tech). Also a novelist.

    LinkedIn / Novelist / Fulbright

  37. Emily Denise Black C'82
  38. (later Barbee). MS (leadership) Univ Memphis 1999, EdD (curriculum & instruction) at Union Univ (Jackson, TN) 2007 ("A Comparison of First-Time Gateway Mathematics Test-Takers: Is the Seventh Grade TCAP Mathematics Achievement Test a Predictor of Proficiency on the Gateway Mathematics Test" under Terry Weaver). Career in Memphis, TN, first teaching at Corry Jr HS and Booker T Washington HS then at the district level (Shelby Co) as a math advisor/specialist, working in curriculum and instruction.

    School / FB

  39. Indonesia A. Anthony C'83
  40. (later Wilson). DMin. Program coordinator at the Interdenominational Theological Center (Atlanta).


  41. Hazel D. Dean C'83
  42. Biology major. MSc (biostats) Tulane Univ 1986?, ScD or PhD (biostats) Tulane Univ (year?). Honorary DSc in public health Spelman 2014. Career first at LA department of health, then at CDC, where she it now deputy director.

    LinkedIn / ResearchGate / Dr Shah influence

  43. Rose L. Johnson C'83
  44. MS GA State Univ 1988, PhD (marketing and business) GA State Univ 1992 ("Effects of Cognative Speed and Television Environment on Response to Advertising"). Doctorate. Career at Temple Univ, Strategic Business Research, Unisys, Cognizant Technology Solutions.


  45. Tonya McMillan C'83
  46. (later Smoot). MSc Univ AL (Birmingham) 1987?, PhD (biostats) Univ AL (Birmingham) 1993 First Spelman grad to later get doctorate in biostats. Career at Univ AL (Birmingham), Univ Louisville, GlaxoSmithKline, Clinipace.

    BWM / LinkedIn

  47. Janice Faye Richardson C'83
  48. (later Moore). MA (math ed)) Nova Southeastern Univ 2002, PhD (ed tech) Northcentral Univ San Diego) 2020 ("The Effect of Looping on the Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT): Results in an Urban Middle School"). Teaching career in APS and Fulton Co (GA). Then as tax and financial consultant.

    LinkedIn / FB / Award / Book

  49. Elaine Audrey Terry C'83
  50. MSc Atlanta Univ 1988, PhD (pure math) Howard Univ 1997 ("Finite Sums and Products in Ramsey Theory" under Neil Hindman). Academic career at Saint Joseph's Univ (Philadephia).


  51. Monette Enyce Coleman C'86
  52. (later McIver). MA (Ed) Univ CO 1994, PhD (ed) Univ CO 2001. Career at McREL, Univ CO, Univ TX (Austin).


  53. Patricia Marybelle (Patsy) Davies C'86
  54. MSc 1988 U CA Berkeley & MA (ed tech) Columbia Univ 2004, PhD (ed) Univ Manchester 2013. Academic career at Univ Sierra Leone, ACS Cobham Int Sch, and now Univ Wolverhampton (UK).

    LinkedIn iPads

  55. Shelly Monique Jones C'86
  56. CS major. MA (math ed) Univ Bridgeport 1991, PhD (math ed) IL State Univ ("Characterization of Instruction in Integrated Middle School Mathematics and Science Classrooms" under Carol Thornton and Sherry Meier). Career in teaching in CT, then at Central CT State Univ. Author of book Women Who Count: Honoring African American Women Mathematicians.

    CCSU / CCSU 2 / MGB / LinkedIn / ResearchGate / Book / TedX

  57. Georlette Ronye Richardson C'86
  58. (later Peavy). MA (ed) Dominican Univ 2008, EdD (ed) Chicago State 2014. Career as coach (Chicago).


  59. Renee Tana Willis C'86
  60. (later Willis-Cavor). MA (edu admin) Baldwin-Wallace College 1989, PhD (math ed) Cleveland State Univ ("The Effect of a Dropout Prevention Program for Black High School Males in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District") 2012. Career at Monticello Middle School (Cleveland), Responding to Challenges Consulting, Richmond Heights (OH) Local Schools (superintendent).


  61. Leslie Julianna Meadows C'88 (double major with CS)
  62. MSc Lehigh Univ 1991, PhD (numerical anal) GA State Univ 2013 ("Iteratively Regularized Methods for Inverse Problems" under Alexandra Smirnova).

    LinkedIn / GA State Univ

  63. Sarah Anitria Boswell C'89
  64. MEd GA State Univ 2002, EdD Univ GA (Athens) 2015 ("Exploring the Creation of a Collaborative Learning Culture for Teachers Through the Lens of Action Research" under Laura Bierema). Career first teaching in DeKalb Co (GA), then ESL in Abu Dabai (UAE), now founder of Collective Learning (A Teacher Wellness and Development Company).


  65. Ezetta Renée Washington C'89
  66. (later Washington Myers). MS (math ed) Univ SC (Columbia) 1991, PhD (math ed) PA State Univ 2001 ("Accounting for Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Understandings in a Dynamic Geometry Tool Environment" ). Career as teacher.

    school / Link

  67. Allison Nadine Whittaker C'89
  68. (later Whittaker-Brown). DEd (ed) Fielding Graduate Univ (Santa Barbara) 2001, ("Strategies for Success in Mathematics Problem-Solving: Perspective of Third Grade Teachers and Students in an Urban Elementary School" under Toni Gregory). Career at APS.

  69. Andrea Michelle Dziengue C'90
  70. MSc (math ed) Clark Atlanta Univ 1994, PhD (ed) GA State Univ 2019. Career in APS then Spelman (EDU).


  71. Alison Graves C'90 & Boston Univ (DDEP) 1991
  72. (later Graves-Calhoun). MSc 1994 & PhD (biomed eng) Case Western Reserve Univ 1997. Career at Medronic (OH), currently principal clinical specialist there in the Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure Division (Cleveland).

    LinkedIn Spelman

  73. Kimberly Ann Hayes C'90 & GA Tech (DDEP-IE) 1992
  74. (later Anderson). Univ West GA MEd 1998, Univ West GA EdD 2007. Career as teacher in DeKalb Co (GA).

    LinkedIn / FB

  75. Adrienne Felicia Irving C'90
  76. (later Dumas). MEd (math ed) MS College 2005, EdD (math ed) Univ MS 2019 ("A First-Year Teacher’s Implementation of Short-Cycle Formative Assessment Through the Use of a Classroom Response System and Flexible Grouping" under Allan Bellman). Career as teacher in MS, first in Eudora PS (AR), then in MS: in Greenville, Jackson PS, and now in Rankin Co.

    LinkedIn / FB

  77. Lori Ann Cargile C'91
  78. MAT (math ed) Emory Univ 1995, EdD (math ed) Univ Cincinnati 2018 ("The Impact of Blended Learning with Khan Academy and Projects on Motivation in a Mathematics Classroom" under Shelly Harkness). Career mostly teaching in Cincinnati OS, also at North College Hill MS.


  79. Kirsten Marie Charles C'91
  80. (later Lollis). MEd Univ MD (College Park) 1995, PhD (ed) Univ MD (College Park) 1997. Acaemic career at San Diego City College. Also works in insurance.


  81. Stephanie Jackson C'91 [1969-2009]
  82. (later Pace). MS Howard Univ 1993, PhD (ed) Univ MD (College Park) 2002. Career teaching (MD).


  83. Karen Denise King C'91 [1971-2019]
  84. Honors thesis on coding theory (with Colm Mulcahy). PhD (ed) Univ MD (College Park) 1997 ("Instructor decision making in reform-oriented undergraduate mathematics classrooms" under Patricia Campbell). Career at San Diego State, Michigan State, NSF, NYU, NCTM, NSF.

    LimkedIn / Obit / MGB

  85. Victoria Seals C'91
  86. MS Univ GA 1993, PhD (ed leadership) Univ GA 2005. Career at Athens Tech College, Gwinnett Tech College, Atlanta Tech College (president).

    LinkedIn / Spelman

  87. Monica Yvette Stephens C'91
  88. (later Stephens Cooley). MSc Brown Univ 1992, PhD (applied math) Brown Univ 1998 ("A One-Dimensional Mixed-Layer Ocean Model for Use in Three-Dimensional Climate Simulations" under Martin Maxey). Academic career at Univ WI (Madison), FL State Univ, and Spelman (2001- , tenured). Currently serving second term as dept chair.

    LinkedIn MAD

  89. Jayne Angela (Angela) Beauford C'92 [1969-2014]
  90. MA Univ Pittsburgh 1995, MSc (electrical eng) Univ Pittsburgh 1999, PhD (electrical eng) Univ Pittsburgh 2009 ("Improving the Automatic Recognition of Distorted Speech" (under Amro El-Jaroudi). Academic career at Spelman, Endicott College (MA) and Broward College (FL).


  91. Dorothy Alesia Nelson C'92
  92. (later Muhammad). MSc Prarie View A&M Univ 2005, PhD (ed) TX A&M Univ 2019 ("What Happens to Daddy's Little Girl When Daddy is Not Around: Exploring Four Middle-Aged, Black Women's Life Choices with An Absentee Father" under Patricia Larke). Career teaching, first at Springwoods Middle Sch (Spring, TX), then at Prarie View A&M Univ and at Houston Community College System.

    HCC / LinkedIn

  93. Crystal Lynette Powell C'92
  94. MEd Wayne State Univ 1999, PhD Wayne State Univ 2008 ("Developing and Implementing Quality Programs in Healthcare Organizations" under Rita Richley). Career at Wayne Stage Univ, then Detroit Medical Center, and most recently at Powell Research.


  95. Kanini Wanjira Ward C'92
  96. (later Brooks.) MSc (mech eng) Univ WI-Madison 1994, EdD (ed) Univ North TX 2015 ("Does an Online Post-baccalaureate Secondary Teacher Certification Program Produce Certified Teachers Who Remain in the Field?" under Pamela Harrell). Career at AT&T.

    FB / Web

  97. Ulrica Yolanda Wilson C'92
  98. MSc Univ MA (Amherst) 1995, PhD (pure math) Emory University 2004 ("Cyclicity of Division Algebras over an Arithmetically Nice Field" under Eric Brussel). Career at Claremont McKenna College, Univ CA (San Diego), long at Morehouse (tenured).

    Wikipedia / Morehouse / MGB

  99. Carlotta A. Johnson C'92 & GA Tech (DDEP-EE) 1993
  100. (later Berry). MSc Wayne State Univ (electrical eng) 1996, PhD (electrical eng) Vanderbilt Univ 2003. Academic career at TN State Univ, Rose-Hulman Inst Tech.

    RHIT / LinkedIn

  101. Tishangi Michelle Bennett C'93 & GA Tech (DDEP-IE) 1995
  102. MBA DeVry Univ 1998, DBA (bus admin) Nova Southeastern Univ 2003 ("How Gender & Race Affects Manufacturer-Supplier Relationships in Business") Career at AT&T, Complete Business Solutions and Delta. Has also taught at Strayer Univ.


  103. La Tondra A. Murray C'93 (double major with CS) & GA Tech (DDEP-EE) 1994
  104. PhD (industrial eng) NC State Univ 1998 ("The Multimodal Graphical User Interface: Utilizing Auditory Cues as Toools for Performace and Usability"). Career at IBM, then Duke Univ. Currently Director of Online and Distance Education (and an Adjunct Associate Professor) at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering.

    Duke / LinkedIn / Web

  105. Nikita Danyelle Collins C'93 (chemistry major) & GA Tech DDEP-CHEM 1994
  106. (later Patterson). MA (math ed) Clark Atlanta Univ 1997, PhD (math ed) NC State Univ 2002 ("A Case Study of an Experienced vs. a Novice Teacher in the Implementation of a New Intermediate Algebra Curriculum" under Karen Norwood). Academic career, at Spelman, GA State Univ, Kennesaw State Univ, Gordon State Univ, and now at GA State Univ (Clarkston).

    GA State Univ / Google Scholar / LinkedIn

  107. Afi Lynmaya Davis C'93
  108. (later Harrington). Did independent study and honors thesis with Fred Bowers ("Delay Models in Data Networks"), co-directed by Brad Makrucki at Bellsouth Research. MOR (operations research) NC State Univ 1995, PhD (operations research) NC State Univ 1997 ("Fuzzy Control System Design with Applications to Communication Network" under Shu-Cherng Fang). Career includes stints at NSA and Center for Naval Analyses, then as consultant for own companies Delta Decisions of DC (with Kim Barnette C'92) and AKEA Consulting.

    Akea BWM LinkedIn

  109. Kim Yvette Woodson C'93
  110. (later Barnette). MSc Clark Atlanta Univ 1994, PhD (operations research) NC State Univ 2000 ("The Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Tool Switches" under Yahya Fathi). Career at Economic Systems and CNA then as consultant for own company Delta Decisions of DC (with Afi Harrington C'93). Now at Saone Partners and LMI. Has also taught math at Univ of DC.

    LinkedIn / MGB / BWB / LMI / Saone

  111. Djuana Pigford C'92 & Gatech Univ (DDEP-EE) 1993
  112. (later Pigford-Lea). MSc Clark Atlanta 1995, PhD (operations research) NC State Univ 2004 ("Soft Computing Approaches to Routinhg and Wavelength Assignment in Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks" under Seh-Cherng Fang). Career at Air Force Office of Science Research.

    SPIE / LinkedIn

  113. Kimberly Nicole Rice C'93
  114. (later Bennekin). MA Univ South FL 1995, PhD (math ed) Univ GA 2013 ("Fostering Mathematical Discourse in an Online College Algebra Class" under ChanMing Kim). Academic career at Valdosta State Univ, then Spelman, now long at GA Perimeter College aka GA State Univ (Perimeter).

    LinkedIn / GA State Univ

  115. Kimberly Sherrille Weems C'93
  116. Honors thesis on the Rayleigh quotient (with Sylvia Bozeman). MA Univ MD (College Park) 1997, PhD (stats) Univ MD (College Park) 2000 ("On Robustness against Misspecified Mixing Distribution in Generalized Linear Mixed Models" under Paul Smith). Academic career at NC State Univ and now at NC Central Univ (tenured).

    NCCU / LinkedIn / MGB / BWM / MathAlliance

  117. Ashaki Bernadine Coleman C'94
  118. MA (math ed) Univ MI 1995, PhD (ed) Temple Univ 2003. Career at ETS and Cherry Hill PS, before founding the Visionary Educational Advocacy Group.


  119. Lisa Che Gary C'94
  120. MSc Univ MI 1995, MPH (epidemiology) Univ MI 1998, MPH (health policy) Yale Univ 2005, PhD (health policy) Yale Univ 2005 ("To Voice or to Exit: Racial Differences in Consumer Responses to Problematic Health Care Experiences" under Mark Schlesinger). Academic career at first, at Univ AL (Birmingham), then as epidemiologist at Westat and Keecha Harrison & Associates.

    LinkedIn / /

  121. Evalyn Harise Henderson C'94
  122. PhD (EE/management information systems) Purdue Univ 2006 ("Evaluating the Organizational Process of Securing Information Assets from the Threat of Cyberattacks or Cyberterrorist Events: An Exploratory Study" under Alok Chaturvedi).

  123. Shalewa JeTawn Thrash C'94
  124. MA (math ed) GA State Univ 1995, EdS (ed) Lincoln Memorial Univ 2003, EdD (ed) Lincoln Memorial Univ 2019 ("School Turnaround: Perceptions in the Second Year of Change" under Shannon Collins). Entire career at Atlanta PS, first as a teacher then as an administrator.

    LinkedIn /

  125. Denise Natasha (Natasha) Brewley C'95
  126. (later Brewley-Corbin & Brewley-Kennedy). MSc Clark Atlanta Univ 1997 ("Real Zeros of Polynomials Whose Coefficients are Independent Random Variables, Each of which is either 1 or – 1, With Equal Probability" under J. Ernest Wilkins), MBA (finance) Clark Atlanta Univ 2003, PhD (math ed) Univ GA (Athens) 2009 ("The Young People’s Project, Chicago, Illinois: Mathematics Literacy Workers’ Construction of Identity and Mathematical Goals Within a Community of Practice" under Dorothy White). Academic career including 3 years as Math Lab director at Spelman, and (since PhD) at GA Gwinnett College.

    GGC / LinkedIn / ResearchGate / FB

  127. Tanya Amy Henneman C'95
  128. (later Moore). MSc Johns Hopkins Univ 1997, PhD (biostats) Univ CA (Berkeley) 2002 ("Causal Inference in Point Treatment Studies with Applications" under Mark van der Laan). Career UCLA, then education policy advisor. Currently VP for mission development for the Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (CA). Cofounder of Infinite Possibilities Conference (with Leona Harris C'95).

    LinkedIn / MGB / BWM / SIAM

  129. Leona Ann Harris C'95
  130. MSc NC State Univ 1999, PhD (applied math) NC State Univ 2001 "Differential Equation Models for the Hormonal Regulation of the Menstrual Cycle" under James Selgrade). Career at EPA then in academia, at Bennett College, the College of NJ, and now Univ of the District of Columbia (tenured, chair). Cofounder of Infinite Possibilities Conference (with Tanya Moore C'95).

    LinkedIn / BWM / MGB

  131. Shona Kawanda Davidson C'95
  132. (later Morgan). PhD (operations research) NC State Univ 2001 ("Cluster Analysis in Electronics Manufacturing" under Yahya Fathi). Academic career at NC A&T State Univ (tenured).

    NC A&T / BWM / ResearchGate

  133. Kera Z. Bell C'96
  134. (later Bell-Watkins). MSc (CS) Clark Atlanta Univ 1999, PhD (CS) NC State Univ 2006 ("(Optimizing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Software Testing: A Hybrid Approach" under Mladen Vouk). Academic career at first, at NC State Univ, then GA Southern Univ. Now a software engineer (Dayton, OH).

    dblp / LinkedIn / A Tale of Two Professors

  135. Angelisa Gillyard C'96
  136. MBA (operations management) GA Tech 1998, PhD (business admin) OH State Univ 2003 ("The Relationships Among Supply Chain Characteristics, Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies, and Performance" under Martha Cooper). Career start in academia at Univ MD School of Business, then George Mason Univ. Now in direetor, choreographer and photographer in DC.

    LinkedIn / Theater / Photography

  137. Gail Jefferson C'96 & GA Tech (DDEP-ME) 1997
  138. MS (biomech eng) OH State Univ, PhD (bio engineering) FL A&M Univ 2005 ("Two Point Correlation Function Analysis of Two Phase Particulate Nano-Composites" under E. Tadd). Postdoc at Nat Inst Aerospace, then academic career at Univ South FL.

    Univ South AL / ResearchGate

  139. Akilah Moore C'96
  140. Ind study with Yewande Olubummo (measure theory, number theory). MS Howard Univ 1999, EdD (ed) Saint Mary's College of CA 2011. Academic career at Los Medanos College (Pittsburgh, CA), serving as dean. Now educational consultant in Atlanta.

    LinkedIn / FB

  141. Tamara Renee Pearson C'96
  142. MEd (ed tech) Univ FL 1999, PhD (ed tech) Univ FL 2003. ("Selfish Girls: Perceived Understanding of Gender, Race, and Class in Discussions About Technology With Pre-Adolescent, Low-Income, African American Girls" under Colleen Swain). Career includes teaching at APS, Proj GRAD USA, Clayton State Univ. Currently Associate Director of School and Community Engagement, Georgia Tech, Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC). In 2020, she became Director of the Center of Excellence for Minority Women in STEM at Spelman.

    LinkedIn / Gatech

  143. JeNeen Ridgeway C'96
  144. DC (chiropratic) Life University 2006; DN (naturopathy) Trinity School of Natural Health 2017. Career at Health and Wellness at Better Health Solutions.

    LinkedIn /

  145. Talitha Michal Wangerin C'96
  146. (later Washington). Senior thesis (with Jeffrey Ehme). MSc Univ CN, PhD (applied math) Univ CN ("Mathematical Model of Proteins Acting as On/Off Switches" under Yung Choi). Academic career, at Duke Univ, College of New Rochelle, and Univ of Evansville. Most recently at Horward (tenured), where she supervised one PhD student. After a stint at a program officer at NSF, now serving as the inaugural director of the AUCC's Data Science Initiative.

    Wikipedia / Howard / NSF / MGB / LinkedIn / Web / Elbert Cox / Google Scholar / AUCC / DSI

  147. Reeshemah Kamille Burrell C'97
  148. MS (mech eng) Howard Univ 1999 ("The Effect of Fiber Length on the Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Homocomposites" under Mohsen Mosleh). PhD details pending. Career as consultant.


  149. Yvette N. Daugherty C'97
  150. (later Daugherty-Brown). Did independent study with Fred Bowers ("Statistics in a Multimedia Environment"). MA (ed) Univ MI (Ann Arbor) 1998, PhD (ed) Cleveland State Univ 2016 ("An Exploration of African American Male College Students’ Perceptions of Factors that Contribute to Their Academic Success" under Frederick Hampton). Career as elementary school teacher (now principal) in Cleveland.


  151. Ayana Tamar Moore C'97
  152. MSc (applied math) Univ WA (Seattle) 1999, PhD (physiology & biophysics) Univ WA (Seattle) 2005 ("Exploring Regions Outside of the MCAK Motor Domain" under Linda Wordeman). Career at Cato Research and now Associate Project Director at FHI 360 (Durham, NC).


  153. Ahinee Amamoo C'98
  154. MS (biostats) Univ MC (Chapel Hill) 2000, PhD (epidemiology) Univ MC (Chapel Hill) 2014 ("Impact of Automatic Reporting of Estimated Glomerular Filtration on Chronic Kidney Disease Detection and Patient Care in a Hospital Setting" under Gerardo Heiss). Academic career at the school of public health at Samford University.

    Samford / ResearchGate

  155. Jaclyn Denise Branner C'98
  156. (later Conner). Did independent study and honors thesis with Fred Bowers ("Statistics in a Multimedia Environment"). MSc GA Tech 2000, EdD (ed psych) Univ Southern CA 2007 "Exploring the Effects of Media on the Self-Concepts and Achievement of African American High School Students" under Michael Genzuk). Career Morehouse Sch of Medicine, Charles R. Drew Univ Medicine & Science, Univ Southern CA 2005-2014, and Emory Univ. Currently Associate Dean of Executive MBA at Emory's Goizueta Business School.

    Emory / LinkedIn / GBS

  157. Monica Farmer Cox C'98
  158. MS (ind eng) Univ AL 2000, PhD (leadership & policy studies) Vanderbilt 2005. Career at Purdue Univ, and then OH State Univ.

    Wikipedia LinkedIn / Purdue / OSU / Vanderbilt

  159. Camille R. Daniel C'98
  160. Ind study with Colm Mulcahy (fourier methods & wavelets). MA (math ed) VA State Univ 1999, MS (applied) VA Polytech & State Univ 2000, PhD (eng) Geo Washington Univ 2017 ("Cross-Domain Knowledge Management Strategy for a Mission Areas within the Force Projection Sector" under Muhammed Islam & Justin Eggstaff). Career first at NIH, then at Johns Hopkins Univ Applied Physics Lab.


  161. Stacey O. Nicholls C'98
  162. Ind study with Yewande Olubummo (dynamical systems). MSc Univ MD (College Park) 2004, PhD (operations research) Univ MD (College Park) 2009. Career at Anne Arundel Community College (MD).


  163. Ninita H. Brown C'98 & GA Tech (DDEP-EE) 1999
  164. PhD (biomedical engineering) Duke Univ 2007, MD Duke Univ 2009. Career as ophthalmologist, at Santa Clara Valley Med Center, Howard Univ, Duke Univ and now in Atlanta metro area.

    LinkedIn / AAO / Web

  165. Andrea Wendi Roberson C'98
  166. EDGE program. MS (stats) Hofstra Univ 2003, PhD (stats) SUNY Stony Brook Univ 2010 ("A Comparison of Hidden Markov Model Based Programs for Detection of Copy Number Variation in Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization Data" under Stephen Finch). Career at US Census Bureau.

    Research Gate / LinkedIn

  167. Latryce Lashan Cole C'99
  168. MS (DE) Auburn Univ 2001, PhD (ed) Auburn Univ 2015. Career as teacher in Westminster Sch (Atlanta, GA), then Montgomery Acad (AL), St Andrew's Episcopal Sch (Austin, TX), and now at St Stephens Episcopal Sch.

    LinkedIn / SAES / SSES / Video

  169. Dionne Verniece Cowan C'99
  170. MEd (ed) GA State Univ 2015, EdD (ed) GA State Univ 2016 ("Men of Color Evading the School to Prison Pipeline: A Phenomenological Study Championing Justice" under Janice Founillier). Career mostly as teacher in GA, in Lithonia, Norcross, Kirkwood and Alpharatta. Now at GA State Univ.

    GA State Univ / Bio

  171. Chastity Bradley C2000
  172. MSc TN State Univ 2002, PhD (pathology) Vanderbilt Univ 2007 (under Fritz Parl). Career as medical writer (TN).

    LinkedIn / Writer / Vanderbilt / Twitter

  173. Valerie Camille Jones C2000
  174. MA (math ed) GA State Univ 2003, EdD (math ed) Columbia Univ 2011 ("The Effect of Computer Gaming on Student Motivation and Basic Multiplication Fluency" under Erica Walker). Career in teaching, first in Atlanta Public School, now at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. In 2015, she received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching from President Obama.

    Alumna / LinkedIn / FB / Twitter / Web / PAEMT

  175. Talithia Daniels C2000
  176. (later Williams). EDGE program 2000. MSc Howard Univ 2002, PhD (stats) Rice Univ 2007 ("Spatial Temporal Modeling and Bias Estimation of Radar in Rainfall Estimation" under Katherine Ensor). Academic career at Harvey Mudd College (tenured).

    Wikipedia / HMC / LinkedIn / TED talk / Book

  177. Alexandria Baltimore C2001
  178. (later Baltimore-Hookfin). MSc (math ed) Univ North FL 2005, EdD (ed) Northcentral Univ (San Diego) 2020. Career as coach (Jacksonville, FL) and now State Assessment Director, Dept of Ed in US Virgin Islands.

    LinkedIn / FB

  179. Emille K. Davie C2001
  180. (later Lawrence). EDGE program 2001. MSc Univ GA (Athens) 2005, PhD (pure math) Univ GA (Athens) 2007 ("Characterizing Right-Veering Homeomorphisms of the Punctured Torus via the Burau Representation" under Will Kazez & Clint McCrory). Career in academia Univ CA (Santa Barbara), CA State Poly Univ, now at Univ San Francisco (associate prof). Co-editor of MAA/AMS book Living Proof- Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey.

    USFCA / MGB / Web / LinkedIn / Book chapters / Living Proof

  181. Kiya Ryeshun Hamilton C2001
  182. MSc (biostats) NC State Univ 2003, PhD (biostats) Univ AL (Birmingham) 2009 ("Design of the Predictive Power Method with Two Endpoints" under Leslie McClure). Career at FDA.

    LinkedIn / FDAzilla

  183. Kris Sealy C2001
  184. MA (philosophy) Univ Memphis 2005, PhD (philosophy) Univ Memphis 2007. Academic career at Fairfield Univ (tenured).

    LinkedIn / Fairfield / Book / CUNY

  185. Joyelle Elizabeth Jones C2001 & GA Tech (DDEP) 2002
  186. (later Harris). MSc (electrical engineering) Princeton Univ 2004, PhD (electrical engineering) Princeton Univ 2010 ("Elastically Stretchable Thin Film Conductors on an Elastomeric Substrate" under Sigurd Wagner), MBA sustainability) GA Tech 2017. Career at Exponent, Intel, and now GA Tech. Currently Director, Engineering for Social Innovation Center and Associate Director of CREATE-X LEARN Program.

    GA Tech / ResearchGate / LinkedIn / FB

  187. Mia Jihan Thompson C2001
  188. (later Ray). PhD (anatomy) Howard (under Baker) 2007. Academic career at Howard, Univ DC, and Trinity Washington Univ, where she is currently Clare Boothe Luce Associate Professor of Biology.

    LinkedIn / Twitter

  189. Shayla Latrice Cornick C2002 & GA Tech DDEP-IE 2003
  190. MEd (ed) George Washington Univ 2005, DEd (ed) George Washington Univ 2012. Career teaching at Friendship Public Charter School and then as consultant.


  191. Lisa Michelle Harrison C2002
  192. MST (ed) Pace Univ 2004, PhD Univ GA (Athens, OH) 2010 ("African-American Young Adolescent Girls, Negotiation of Identities In and Out of School" under Martha Snider). Academic career at OH Univ (Athens, OH).

    Ohio / LinkedIn

  193. Jamie Evette Chatman C2003
  194. (later Baham). MSc (stats) Rice Univ 2007, MSc (pub health) Univ Pittsburgh 2010, MSc (divinity) Vanderbilt 2014, PhD (stats) Rice Univ 2008. Career tutoring in New Orleans.

    Rice / LinkedIn

  195. Evelyn Kamaria Thomas C2003
  196. Ind study with Yewande Olubummo (dynamical systems). MSc Howard 2005, PhD (math bio) Howard 2012 ("The Effect of Bisexual Males on the Spread of Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases" (under Katharine Gurski & Kathleen Hoffman). Career at Univ MD (Baltimore County).


  197. Michalle Antoine C2004 (double major with bio)
  198. PhD (neuroscience) Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva Univertity 2013 ("Impacts of Inner Ear Dysfunction on Brain Activity and Behavior" under Jean Hebert). Career in research, first as a postdoc at Univ CA (Berkeley), and now at National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

    NIAAA / NIH / Award / ResearchGate

  199. Aminah Perkins C2004
  200. MA Univ GA 2008, PhD (ed) Emory Univ 2013 ("Goodness of Model-Data Fit and Invariant Measurement" under George Engelhard). Career at Wachovia, edCount, consulting.

    Web / LinkedIn

  201. Jamila Tulani Mathias C2004
  202. MSc (stats) NC State Univ 2008, PhD (stats) NC State Univ 2011 ("Bivariate Contours for Censored Data" (under Judy Wang & John Monahan). Career at Wachovia, CIT Group Inc.


  203. Michelle Craddock C2004
  204. (later Guinn). EDGE program 2004. MSc Univ MS 2006, PhD (pure math) Univ MS 2009 ("The Grothendieck Property for Positive Tensor Products of Banach Lattices" under Qingying Bu). Academic career at West Point, Belmont Univ (TN).

    LinkedIn / Web

  205. Kimberley Samantha Latchman C2004
  206. MEd (ed) GA State Univ 2009, EdD (ed) GA State Univ 2014 ("Investigating Teachers’ Perspectives of How English Language Learners are Supported Through Communication: An Exploratory Case Study in the Mathematics Classroom" under Iman Chahine). Career teaching in Atlanta, now assistant principal at Maynard Holbrook Jackson HS.


  207. Monica Jeanne Doriney C2005
  208. Ind study with Yewande Olubummo (dynamical systems). MA (math ed) Kennesaw State Univ 2010, MSc (stats) Kennesaw State Univ 2016, PhD (math ed) Kennesaw State Univ 2016. Academic career at Kennesaw State Univ.


  209. Tanisha Green C2005 & GA Tech DDEP-IE
  210. (later Cotton). ME (operations research) TX A&M Univ 2008, PhD (operations research) TX A&M Univ 2013 ("Computational Study of Mean-risk Stochastic Programs" under Lewis Ntaimo). Career at Veterans Affairs (Houston, TX), and now at FedEx.

    LinkedIn / INFORMS

  211. Sheena Lewis C2005 (double major with CS)
  212. (later Erete). MSc (CS) GA Tech 200x, PhD (ed tech) Northwestern Univ 2013 ("Digital Crime Prevention: Investigating How Communities Use Technology to Address Crime" under Dan Lewis). Career first at IBM and now in academia at DePaul Univ (tenured).

    DePaul / Web / ResearchGate

  213. Che Lena Smith C2005
  214. PhD (biostats) Univ NS (Chapel Hill) 2015. Career DARE Global Innovations LLC.

    LinkedIn / Jeopardy

  215. Morgin Jones C2006
  216. (later Jones Williams). MSc (applied) Hampton Univ 2008 ("Effect of Width of Ideal Separatrix Surface in Divertor Tokamaks" under Alkesh Punjabi), PhD (math ed) GA State Univ 2016 ("Mathematically Talented Black Women of Spelman College, 1980s-2000s" under David Stinson & Stephanie Cross). Academic career at Univ SC (Beaufort).

    Univ SC / LinkedIn / Thesis

  217. Shelby N. Wilson C2006 (double major with CS)
  218. EDGE program 2006. MSc Univ MD (College Park) 2010, PhD (applied math) Univ MD (College Park) 2012 ("Mathematical Models of Immune Regulation and Cancer Vaccines" under Doron Levy). Academic career at Morehouse (tenured), now at Univ MD (College Park) (BIO)

    Web / UMD

  219. Brittany Leigh Mosby C2007
  220. MSc Carnegie Mellon Univ 2010, PhD (higher ed leadership & policy) Vanderbilt Univ 2019. Taught at Pellissippi State Community College, and now Director of HBCU Success at TN Higher Education Commission.

    Spelman / LinkedIn / THEC

  221. Kristen Renee Tillerson C2007
  222. (later Moore). MSPH (epidemiology) Univ NC (Chapel Hill) 2011, PhD (epidemiology) Univ NC (Chapel Hill) 2016 ("Reproductive Tract Infections and Uterine Fibroids" under Jennifer Smith a Donna Baird). Now postdoc at National Institute of Environmental Health Science.

    LinkedIn / NIEHS / PhinisheD

  223. Luvenia Nicole Hellams C2008
  224. PhD (stats) IA State Univ 2017 ("Leveraging Genetic Time Series Data to Improve Detection of Natural Selection" under Karin Dorman).

  225. Karen T. Hicklin C2008
  226. MSc (stats) Georgetown Univ 2011, PhD (health sys eng) NC State Univ 2016 ("Decision Models for Mode of Delivery Combining Patient and Clinician Risk Perceptions and Preferences" under Julie Ivy). Career at Univ FL.

    Univ FL / NCSU / LinkedIn FB

  227. Cheryl Lynn Law C2009
  228. (later Marr). PhD (biochem) Vanderbilt Univ 2019 ("NMR Resonance Assignments and Secondary Structure of a Mutant Form of the Human KCNE1 Channel Accessory Protein that Exhibits KCNE3-like Function" under Charles Sanders). Now working in tech trasfer at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

    LinkedIn / Instagram / R Gate / Vanderbilt / JH

  229. Christina Magdaline McIntosh C2009
  230. (later Nurse). MSc (biostats) Harvard 2011, PhD (biostats) Harvard 2017 ("An Analysis of Using Pedigrees in Family Based Studies and an Exploration of Cancer Risk and Cancer Resistance Using Twin Studies" under Giovanni Parmigiani). Career so far at Takeda.

    LinkedIn / ResearchGate / YT

  231. Anisah Nabilah Nu'Man C2009
  232. EDGE program 2009. MSc Univ NB (Lincoln) 2011, PhD (pure math) Univ NB (Lincoln) 2015 ("Tame Filling Invariants and Closure Properties" (under Mark Brittenham & Susan Hermiller). Career first at Ursinus College (PA), Trinity College (CT), now at Spelman.

    Spelman / MGB / LinkedIn / Twitter

  233. Ashley J. Sullivan C2009
  234. (later Swain). EDGE program 2009. MSc Univ NB (Lincoln) 2012, PhD (neuroscience) Emory Univ 2018 "Structural Plasticity of GABAergic and Glutamatergic Terminals in the Ventral Motor and Caudal Intralaminar Thalamic Nuclei in MPTP-treated Parkinsonian Monkeys" under Yoland Smith). Now works at Teva Pharmaceuticals (GA).

    Emory / LinkedIn

  235. Julia Raye Anderson-Lee C2010
  236. MSc (applied math & structural eng) IA State Univ 2014, PhD (applied math & structural eng) IA State Univ 2018 ("A Continuum Approach to Modeling the Vibrations within a Block Subjected to Free Rocking" under Sri Sritharan & Scott Hansen). Career at so far at Boeing, then Northrop Grumman.

    LinkedIn / Metrology

  237. Ashley B. Ward C2012
  238. MSc (biomedical science) Morehouse School of Medicine 2014, PhD (biomedical science) Morehouse School of Medicine 2018 ("Quercetin Inhibits Prostate Cancer by Attenuating Cell Survival and Inhibiting Anti-Apoptotic Pathways"). Career so far at Aerotek and Emmaus Life Sciences.


  239. Jasmine L. West C2012
  240. (later Elder). MSc Wake Forest 2014, PhD (math) Univ NC (Charlotte) 2020 ("Quantum Resistant Reed Muller Codes on McEliece Cryptosystem" under Yongge Wang).


  241. Asia A. Wyatt C2013
  242. Ind study with Yewande Olubummo (dynamical systems). EDGE program 2013. PhD (math bio) Univ MD (College Park) 2019 ("Mathematical Models of Acute and Chronic Immunology" under Doron Levy). Now at Johns Hopkins.

    MGB / LinkedIn

  243. Danielle JeNae Middlebrooks C2014
  244. Clemson REU summer 2013. EDGE program 2014. Senior honors thesis "An Attack on RSA" (under Jeffrey Ehme). PhD (probability) Univ MD (College Park) 2020 ("Quantifying Flows in Time-Irreversible Markov Chains" under Maria Cameron).

    LinkedIn / FB / AMSC

  245. Amanda Alexander C2014
  246. Senior thesis ("Investigating the Interconnection Between Cellular Aging and Network Robustness in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Cells"). Valedictorian. MS (biomed eng) Yale Univ 2017, MPhil (biomed eng) Yale Univ 2018, PhD (biomed eng) Yale Univ 2020 ("Investigating the Regulation and Consequences of Cell-to-CEll Heterogeneity in the TLR4-induced Macrophage Secretion Response" under Kathryn Miller-Jensen).

    LinkedIn / Spelman / 2014 Spelman Valedictorian

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